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After starting a successful salon for my Barbies at age 6, becoming a hairstylist was inevitable.  

I attended three different high schools so making friends became a

skill.  That, coupled with my love for fashion, the beauty industry, and helping

people, is what made being a hairstylist my dream job.

Early on, I dove head first into learning about color and the light bulb went

off.  My appreciation and ability to grasp color theory early on is

what gave me the confidence to grow as an artist over the last 14


I was lucky enough to train under award winning stylists.

The knowledge I learned allowed me to build my business in less than

two years granting me the luxury of being self employed.

Even though hair was something I was interested in at an early age, I didn’t follow the traditional route to this industry.  I got my undergrad in Business and then worked in Tech Sales for 4

years.  I thought I landed my dream job at 25 and 2 years later I quit

my "dream job" and was pursuing my true calling of  being a Hairpainting Boss Babe!

I love to create customized looks for my clients that are lived in and low maintenance.  I specialize in Blondes and Brondes and use various techniques like balayage, foiliage, and babylighting.  The best part of my job is meeting new people and making

them feel good about themselves every day.  

Outside of the salon, many weekends you will find me in my workout gear and

Makeup free.  I love doing morning hikes and afternoon dips in the pool or paddle boarding on town lake with my best navigator Lucy (my dog).

Although I love to cook a great dinner at home with wine and great friends, you can also find me grabbing craft cocktails on a patio for happy hour and dinner on the

East Side at a local restaurant.

Now you know a little more about me. I think Coco Chanel said it best…”Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”.  Click below to book a consultation and let’s create the best YOU!

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